Web Design and Hosting

Websites for small organizations are tricky business. Unless you are paying a lot for your website design, you can expect some of these issues:

  • Often, the company or individual hosting the site has exclusive control over the content, so even if your organization wants to update the website frequently, it is very difficult to get the right person to do it.
  • If you have control of your website, the tools for updating it may be antiquated or just not that useful, making regular updates a painful task.
  • Maybe it’s a volunteer effort, so the skill level or time may not be available to make the site as useful as it could be.
  • Frequently, the visual and technical design of the website is…well…not all that great. Someone may have put a lot of time into the content, but it’s lacking in aesthetic appeal.

Impressus Art understands this – and we want to make your website both beautiful and easier for you to use! We think you should be in control of your website, and we can help you!

About Our Sites

We build our websites using the latest web technologies on the simple-to-use WordPress content management system. Our themes are beautiful and functional, making it a breeze for your organization to focus on putting up good content without worrying about breaking your website design.

We can provide you with a great custom theme for your existing WordPress site hosted elsewhere, or host and maintain your website – you pick!

What You Get

Theme Only Option

If you choose to host your own site, we will work with you to design a clean, beautiful WordPress theme which is fully functional with the current version of WordPress.

Hosting Option

If we host your site, you get:

  • A custom domain name (for example, “www.StJohnChurch.org” – subject to availability)
  • A beautiful website built on WordPress and customized for your organization
  • Email accounts using the familiar Gmail interface  (no limit to the number of accounts, within reason)
  • Training materials for creating and updating web content and using email
  • Limited support for content issues
  • Technical support and any necessary site maintenance (if your site is not functional, we will fix it!)

In addition to simple content management, we provide custom functionality, making it easy, for example, to publish your weekly bulletin or newsletter.

What We Don’t Do

If you are looking for a website that uses flash animations or javascript, we are probably not the right designer for you. We’ll be happy to talk to you to determine whether we can fulfill your needs.