Impressus Art likes homeschoolers – we homeschool our kids!


We have developed (and are continuing to develop) a Yearly Catholic Planner for homeschoolers.


There are 3 different cover options, as seen in the preceding photo – otherwise the planners are exactly the same.

This planner is undated, so it’s completely adaptable to your situation, with 52 2-page weekly spreads, including smaller sections for weekend planning. Each day has 6 spaces which can be used for assignments or other tasks.

chartsWhat makes this planner unique? In addition to basic scholastic maps, charts and information, we have included many basics about our Faith – prayers, lists of sacraments, virtues, precepts, etc. We’ve also included the complete Roman Calendar (novus ordo, according to the common US usage) so it’s simple to keep track of the Church year!

artFinally, we have included renditions of antique woodcuts and other line art throughout the planner. Some are small and decorative, some are large and could be colored in by creative students. (We plan to include more in future updates of the planner.)

Currently, the planner is available from The Bookpatch for $15.60.

For information about quantity order discounts or customizations, please contact us.